How to clean your house without damaging your health

For ages the mankind had done the cleaning, using natural materials, which do not threaten the health. However, today almost every household on the planet has stored under his kitchen sink all sorts of cleaning detergents, which are full of poisonous ingredients. Although very good at annihilating all sorts of dangerous bacteria, they themselves can be dangerous to your health. In recent years the literature for how to do the cleaning at home without spreading poisonous ingredients throughout your house has grown very huge size. Although it is impossible for a single article to cover the entire topic, we will give you some tips for how to replace the dangerous detergents with natural and homemade cleaning mixtures.

It is of huge importance to live in a place where the air is clean. There is one natural way of insuring the air you breathe at home is such – plant lots of flowers or trees. They are beautiful and through process called photosynthesis they absorb the carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. With more flowers you will have more beautiful and cosy home.

The personal hygiene is also of utmost importance – one cannot expect to be healthy when his hands are untidy. You, of course, can purchase the soap you use from your local supermarket. However, most of soaps dehydrate the skin of your hands, especially if you use them more often. Still, there is a solution – you can prepare the soap you use at your very home. There are numerous ways in which you can make it. You can add different ingredients according to your personal need. Here we will give you the very basics of how to make a homemade soap. You will need several things all of which are natural and can be bought at the supermarket. The most important ingredients are fats and lye. If you do not want to use animal fats, do not worry – you can replace them with all sorts of oil. They are boiled together and when you finish boiling them just wait for the mixture to cool and cut it into bars. You may add coffee, tea, and oils of all sorts of fruits. You can use color agents as well.

If you want to use natural products in your bathroom you can make them on your own as well. You can even make your own bath bombs. All you will need is baking soda and citric basic. And of course, little water. You may add all sorts of things – tea, salts, and dyes. Mix them using a hand mixer. Try to make them neither too dry, nor too wet. Give them the shape you want and you’re done.

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