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11403 Springhollow Rd
Oklahoma City OK 73120

Their services include basic cleaning, deep cleaning, move in/out cleaning, post construction cleaning, laundry, window cleaning and organization.

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  • M T says:

    Hired for a move-out/make-ready clean on an empty, vacant, second floor three-bedroom two-bathroom apartment. We had lived in the apartment for nearly six years, had two pets, and it needed a good deep clean. This did not include carpet shampoo, just wiping baseboards, clean oven/fridge/light fixtures/ceiling fans/A/C vents/mop and vacuum/cobwebs/etc. Confirmed ALL these services in advance with Dawnisha. Was assured they were experienced at this, they even offer it as a service on their website with checklists of what they include in this “service.” Asked if they needed a step stool due to high ceilings, was told just to make sure we left them “a good vacuum and that’s it.” (I left a step stool anyway)

    Not only did they “lose” my reservation that I took off work to accommodate, they showed up four hours late, then increased their price after an hour to $200 because they “didn’t know” they’d need to clean the fridge and oven!! I even paid them $20 extra for being there into the evening on ‘short notice’ (their fault anyway). Left them to their work and asked them to phone me when they were nearly done so we could return for a walkthrough. They called all right, and then just left, so they and my money were gone when we got back. Upon entering the apartment it was clear they had not even RUN THE VACUUM, a $400 Dyson with extension wand and attachments we had left them. There was dust around all the baseboards, specks of debris still on the carpet in every room. Air conditioning vents were not wiped, ceiling fan blades were dusted on the bottom but not the top which caused all the dust to fly off when the fan was started. Doors and light switch plates were not wiped. Baseboards were cleaned only to where a door opened, leaving dust and hair on the baseboards behind doors. They didn’t even wipe the breakfast bar with a damp rag. Kitchen counters not scrubbed, windows not sprayed with Windex, stovetop not cleaned, stove hood not cleaned, fronts of kitchen cabinets not wiped. They broke off a piece of the inside of our refrigerator and stuck it in the trash and didn’t say anything, we were lucky to find it! Kitchen floor was half-way mopped, washer/dryer not wiped down, top of refrigerator was wiped clean in an arc as if it were an arm’s length, leaving 1/3 of the top of the fridge still with dust and grime. Dishwasher not wiped down, mini-blinds were only feathered with a feather duster. Cobwebs in corners and dust on crown moulding was not touched in ANY room. Bathroom mirrors were cleaned just like the refrigerator was, in arm’s-length, leaving streaks at the very tops of the mirrors where they were not wiped. Toilet bowls were wiped but scale under the rims was not cleaned. Tops of door jambs were not wiped. They left the empty bottles of their cleaning products sitting on my kitchen counter and threw out or took with them the half full bottles of name brand dish soap, antibacterial cleanser and eco-friendly cleanser I had in the kitchen. Long story short, they agreed to come back and fix it, then they showed up without calling when they knew the apartment was vacant. They were gone by the time we got there to open the door, then had excuses for everything as to why things weren’t cleaned. Then they left again for hours and returned to the apartment again without calling. Dawnisha called to tell me it’s clear we would never be satisfied so we should cut our losses, and offered a $35 refund, now saying it would have cost $300 to clean the apartment even after a $200 on-site quote! We asked for $100, she settled on $50. A week later, no refund. Shoddy service, unprofessional, and dishonest. Do not recommend, at all.


  • M T says:

    After reporting them to the BBB and the Attorney General, they are now listing their address as:

    Ste B2, 36 West Memorial Road
    Oklahoma City, OK 73114-2312
    (405) 751-6243

    Same website ( )
    Same phone number (405-751-6243)


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