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1600 Spring Hill Rd
Washington DC 20007
(703) 349-5551

They use eco-friendly products. Voted one of the Top 10 Maid Services in DC, Virginia and Maryland in 2009

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7 Responses to “Platinum Maid”
  • DT says:

    They claim that the first service is deep cleaning and charge more money. Did not even clean the bathroom, left a towel and clothes on the floor, did not even straigthen the couch much less vacuum, and left trash outside my door instead of putting in the dumpster. They called later to see if I was satisfied with the service. When I told them no, they said that my apartment was too dirty and they weren’t miracle workers. I was disappointed by their service and disgusted by their attitude.


  • MS says:

    Platinum Maid is the worst cleaning service. Their cleaners are lazy, as they did not even bother to clean the kitchen or living room floors. They did not honor their 100% satisfaction guarrantee when I reported the cleaning issues within less than 24 hours. They are obviously running some kind of scam.


  • mq says:

    I used to work for this company and the pay really little money compare to what they charge i was send to houses in wich they told people that they will going to send a team and they only send them one person they swill lie to people and tell them that the maid call in sick that they are sorry or that they got into an accident and they will tell me to tell them the same thing im so sorry that i ever came across this company they cheat they employees out of money and they will be nice to you untill you complain to them about something and ask them to send you the olderst person they have in their team of maid no one last longer then 6months at most dont call this people get some body else anybody do your self a fovor


  • SSparks says:

    I am a very particular person when it comes to things like punctuality, neatness and cleanliness. Platinum Maid have never disappointed me in any one of those areas. The cleaners arrive on time…and leave my home amazingly clean. How they can accomplish so much so quickly, I’ll never know…. When the crews leave, my house is not just spotless. It is antiseptic. I love it! I have recommended Platinum Maid to just about anyone who will listen…. Their trustworthiness and professionalism are rare gems in the business world these days.


  • Courtmey says:

    This company came to my home on a Friday and left without cleaning the floors. They said they would be back within 24 hours but never called to set up an appointment. I had to call them repeatedly with no response back from them ever. I paid $120 to get my home cleaned, and because they recognized they didn’t finish cleaning (any of the floors) they credited me back $15- woo hoo. When I complained the person I spoke to, basically told me that he couldn’t do anything.
    I can do something- and that is never use them again and tell everyone about my awful experience.


  • Sara says:

    AVOID!!!! DO NOT GET RIPPED OFF LIKE I DID.. I must have been blinded by the glowing reviews they must write about themselves

    I wish I would have done my research better… BBB gives them an F

    I hired them to do an apartment clean out for me since I was pulling a 60 hour work week on top of packing and moving….
    I paid $225 for a carpet cleaning and DEEP CLEANING with great attention to detail like their website bragged about…

    I got my lights left on… my door left unlocked… clean carpets and an apartment just as dirty as I left it the night before. The shower was still dirty with slight mildew… my laundry room still had debris from sanding/patching the walls… my cabinets were still coated in flour that I spilled the night before packing…. my base boards were covered in cat hair because they didn’t vacuum before the cleaned the carpet.

    I left an email complaint… and a voicemail that went unanswered until 12:30 the next day… I had to turn in my keys at 2:30… to bad that about 10am I figured I had gotten screwed and spent 3 hours cleaning when they finally offered to re-clean…. TOO LATE IT WAS DONE BY ME.

    They refuse to let you talk to a supervisor as well….

    I will add pictures too so you can see the wonderful mess they just “missed”.


  • Steven says:

    Worst maid service ever!!!!! I was fooled by the Platinum Maid top 10 rating that was on the internet. It seems to be put together by a group of maid service companies on their own. Platinum service sent out a maid for initial deep cleaning for the 1st time but it was far from ‘deep cleaning’. Shower was left unclean. Dust was left on various places. The maid complained that the company doesn’t provide any clean products so I let her use most of my cleaning products, including vaccum cleaner and a mop among many other products. I came home to find trash bags were left on my balcony! 2nd maid was worse, did not even touch the shower in the guest bed room but folded the shower curtain to show that it was cleaned. 3rd cleaning, the maid was no show and called hours after to tell me that she might not make it in today. This platinum maid is epitomy of money ripping crooks. Don’t fall for the top 10 maid rating crap. Other review site’s 5 star ratings by customers seem to be written by Platinum maids as all titles end with an exclamation mark. They are trying to fool new customers into their trap. Avoid Platinum Maid at all cost!!!! Horrible customer service with horrible follow up if at all. I’d give -5 star if I could.


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