Rita Mita Maid

Rita Mita Maid reviewsRita Mita Maid
567-916 W. Broadway
Vancouver BC V5Z 1K7

Their services include pressure washing, carpet cleaning & floors, and janitorial services. They require a 4 hour minimum.

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9 Responses to “Rita Mita Maid”
  • Fay Wilson says:

    We use Rita Mita Maid our place for the past 5 years. They are bonded, licensed and insured. That’s a relief in knowing that as it puts them a step above the rest. They’re cleaning is an experience. They go where ‘no man has gone before’. 🙂 We love these people!


  • We use this company for all of our office and home cleaning. We’ve had amazing service from their teams. We appreciate their license, bonded, insured level of care. Nice to work with them.


  • Craig Landry says:

    Terrible Service. Hired Rita Mita for a condo cleaning pre-staging. Rita spent more time complaining about how dirty the kitchen was (grimey cabinets) and said she would not take the job if she knew they were that greasy. We were fed up of her complaining and sent her on her way. Paying her in full of course. Called Molly Maids and they cleaned the kitchen within 20 minutes and did not complain. Why get into cleaning if you don’t like it? Lesson learned. In the future we will hire a maid for our staging projects from larger companies. Never again Mrs Woodman. I hear Complainers-R-US is hiring.


    Rita Woodman Reply:

    Unfortunately, many home owners do not realize how dirty their places are and tend to minimize the home’s/residences needs and the time it really takes to do the First Clean. I don’t know who this person is or even if he’s a competitor leaving a bad review.

    WE know who we are and have Refs. which far surpass anything that this individual may care to say or try to tear down.
    Feel free to view our website and check out the testimonials for yourself. People like the above, get off on watching the sand castle get destroyed as opposed to building it.


    Craig Landry Reply:

    I’m not a competitor nor am I trying to lambaste you. I hope you take any feedback as constructive and improve your service rather than get defensive. When we did contact you we advised you on the state of the problem and were happy to give us a quote and charge us. We are happy to pay you for cleaning if you did your job as requested without the complaining. Honestly your staff works much harder than you. Under the right direction they would flourish. Posting references from your friends or yourself do not qualify as ethical.


    Rita Woodman Reply:

    WE’ve been in Business for over 10 years. This is the first negative review. As spider man would say, “nuff said”.


  • Mimi Woods says:

    This Company was incredibly professional to us, and incredibly kind. The speed and quality to which they worked was bar none the best we’ve ever had, and we will not be using anyone else.

    Thank you so much for yet another incredibl job. Will continue to use you as long as you let us.

    Mimi Woods
    Film Services of Lower Mainland


  • Rita Woodman says:

    Again, we’ve been in business for over 10 very successful years and still flourishing. This is the first negative review. Where’s the bottle of champagne?


  • Megan Stewart says:

    Her thoroughness was unparalleled. She went to town on my kitchen, sanitizing the fridge, polishing in and outside cupboards and cleaning away years—literally years—of built-up of grease and oil that I never would have been able to dislodge. She was friendly, fun and approachable. On top of this, she was concerned that she’d lived up to my expectations, which she had.
    Megan, Vancouver homeowner


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