What To Keep In Mind When Hiring A Maid Service

In the United States, the average adult has a huge number of responsibilities between work and family. Unfortunately, this hectic schedule means that cleaning duties in the home are often neglected. Household duties are said to take up approximately 108 minutes each day on average. Although this may seem like a large chunk of time, the reality is that this only scratches the surface of what needs to be done. As each home is different, your individual needs should dictate what kind of maid service you should hire. For example, you will have different criteria for a regular cleaner than for a one-off maid service.

Company Types
Bear in mind that maid service companies offer different options. There are maid services that specialize in the basics only whereas other companies have extras such as laundry service, ironing, carpet and window cleaning. Like every other industry, there are enormous national chain maid services, small companies and individuals to choose from. A large company probably offers a better level of security with licensed and bonded employees a guarantee. As they have a huge reputation to uphold, expect their services to be top notch. On the other hand, small companies are better if you’re looking to establish a long-term relationship with a local organization or individual.

An important thing to note is that you will be entrusting your home and its possessions to complete strangers. The majority of work will be done when you are away so the maid service is likely to need access to house codes and keys. This is why it is important to thoroughly research every service you come across. National companies generally guarantee that every employee has been the recipient of background checks. The last thing you need is a convicted burglar walking around your home unchallenged! Ensure that the maid service you hire can provide you with references. It is also vital that the company has its own liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Ask the company if their employees are supervised for the duration of the cleaning job.

Other Things To Consider
As your home will be open to this company, good communication is essential at all times. Write down a list of concerns you have and discuss them with the maid service. Perhaps you would want only environmentally friendly cleaning products to be used for example. Ask the company if you need to provide the cleaning supplies or if they use their own. Does the maid service have specific rules relating to pets? Maybe your pets have to be confined for the duration of the cleaning for their safety and that of the cleaners. Also, be sure to find out everything you can about their pricing structure to ensure an absence of nasty surprises. Some maid services have a set fee while others charge an hourly rate.

Finally, ask the maid service if they send their own employees or use independent contractors. If a company uses their employees, they have more control over who they send though it’s likely they have a higher staff turnover. These are just some of the things you need to think about when hiring a maid service to clean your home and take the burden of daily chores off your shoulders.

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