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How to Choose a Lawn Service Company

Nothing gives you a better feeling than coming home to a well manicured lawn, but many people these days just don’t have the time to commit to their lawn and find it necessary to find a lawn service company. If this is the case with you how do you choose the perfect lawn service company for you?

Besides price, there are several factors that should be considered before you decide on a lawn service company. Here are some of the factors you will want to look at:

•    Reputation: Chances are that you have a friend or two who uses a lawn service company and this is a great place to start. See if your friends are happy with the service they use and the results that are produced. You can also ask the lawn service company themselves for some references.
•    Properly licensed: This is often overlooked because of price. Lawn service companies that are not properly licensed may be drastically cheaper, but they can also cost you in the long run. If they are not properly licensed then you will not be covered should something happen to your property as a result of their negligence. You could also be liable if they are to get injured on your property and they carry no workman’s comp.
•    Packages offered: Some lawn care companies seem to be very inexpensive until you find out that they charge on an a la carte basis. Some companies will also service your lawn three times per month for the same price as another company that will only service it twice. You need to find out first what the company will actually do for the money you will pay them before you pay them. The last thing you want to do is hand over your hard earned money only to find out that the lawn service company you just hired is only going to trim your grass and not do things like weed eat and edge.
•    Professionalism: If the owner of the company comes of sloppy and unprofessional then chances are that the workers of the lawn care company are the same way and you can bet there work will mimic this fact. You want to be sure that you get a good feeling when talking with a lawn service company’s owner.
•    Price: While not the first thing that should be considered, it does need to be addressed. Lawn service companies are very competitive and so their prices may not be set in stone. You can always obtain several quotes from various lawn service companies, provided you are comfortable with them, and use the prices to pit a sort of bidding war for your job. This could result in a lower price than you may have originally thought.

The bottom line is that your lawn is probably very special to you and you don’t want to trust it to just anyone. Take your time, do your homework, and get a good feel for the company so that you can find the best possible lawn service company for your personal green patch of Heaven.