DIY Carpet Cleaning Pros and Cons

carpetOver time, your once-beautiful and pristine carpets will suffer the ravages of time and use, showing wear and tear in the areas that are subjected to the heaviest traffic, developing stains where food is dropped and mud is tracked, and even developing an overall dinginess from the settling of dust and other interior particulates. Even if you vacuum frequently, spot-treat stains, and make people take off their shoes when they enter your home, at some point you’re going to have to concede that your carpet requires deeper cleaning if you want to rejuvenate it and get it back to looking like new. But hiring a professional cleaning crew can be pricy. So you might be of a mind to do it on your own. However, before you rent or buy a steam vac you should probably take the time to consider the pros and cons of a DIY attitude.

1. Affordable. There’s no denying that renting a steam vac at your local grocery store or vacuum shop is going to be cheaper than hiring a carpet cleaning service. And the truth is that it’s not very difficult to operate a steam vac, so long as you follow the directions. It’s a lot like regular vacuuming, only you do two passes to wet and then vacuum the fibers.
2. Extra attention. When you hire a professional crew to clean your carpet, they will probably afford the same attention to every square foot of carpeting, doing a thorough and consistent job. But if you have areas that need more attention, you will have to inform them and you may have to pay extra. If you do it yourself, you can spend as much time on any given area as you like.
3. Renewed carpeting. The best reason to engage in steam cleaning your soiled carpets is to return them to their former appearance. By doing it yourself you can not only save money, but you can steam clean as frequently as you like in order to keep your carpeting looking fresh and new. And if you purchase a steam vac you can really get your money’s worth and potentially stave off the cost of flooring replacement for years to come.

1. Drying time. Although carpeting may only take a few hours to dry after steam cleaning, depending on ventilation, temperature, humidity, and so on, it could take up to 24 hours before you can safely walk on it again and reinstall your furniture. And if you mess up and leave it too wet, it could take even longer.
2. Limited to wet cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning services have access to machinery that can clean your flooring in a number of ways, including dry cleaning that will leave your carpet ready for use in under an hour. This option simply isn’t viable if you’re doing it yourself because of the equipment needed for the task.
3. Doing it yourself. If we’re being honest, most of us rarely move the furniture to clean underneath it during regular vacuuming. So having to completely remove every stick of furniture from carpeted areas in order to steam clean is a major hassle, not to mention having to wait 24 hours to return it. And even when following carpet cleaning tips you can easily use too much water or too much solvent, leaving your carpet with patches of wetness that take longer to dry or areas that are stiff with solvent after the fact. If simply steaming your carpet seems like too much trouble, you might just want to consider spending a little more to turn the task over to a quick, efficient, professional crew.

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