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Making Sense of Maid Service Quotes

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Getting a maid service quote isn’t very difficult.  You can go online, make a phone call, or even check through the classified ads.  The key is making sense of these quotes.  Some services may seem much less expensive, while others seem to be extremely expensive, so what is the difference?  Here is a closer look at some the variables that may affect the maid service quotes that you have seen.

The biggest variable is what type of service you are requesting.  In general, your very first cleaning is going to be the most expensive.  This is because the maid service has no idea how clean or dirty your house really is.  In many cases, you will see weekly and bi-weekly quotes for a maid service, however your very first cleaning will likely be much more expensive.  The maintenance cleanings are much less expensive than the initial price because your house has already been completely cleaned and only needs some general upkeep.

Another factor that will alter your maid service quotes is the number of rooms and type of rooms that they will be cleaning.  In most cases, a maid service will give you a quote based upon the number of bedrooms in your house or apartment.  However the quote may change depending on the other rooms that need to be cleaned.  For example, along with your bedroom a maid service cleaning may include your kitchen and living room, but may not include any bathrooms, offices, or additional rooms.  This means that you will actually be paying more in the end.  At the same time, other quotes are flat rates for entire houses.  This means that the cheapest quote could end up costing you the most once you add in the fees for the additional rooms.

You should also take note of “the little things”.  These small variations is how the maid service operates can make a big difference in how much you will need to pay.  For example, some services will bring their own supplies whereas others will require you to provide all of the necessary tools.  In most cases, providing your own tools will be much cheaper in the long run, however it does mean that you will need to pay attention to your cleaning supplies so that the cleaners always have what they need.  Another variable is how many people will be cleaning your home.  If you are working from home or want to be there while they are cleaning then you may want them to finish as quickly as possible.  In order to accommodate this, the cleaning service may send more than one person in order to speed up the process.

As you can see, there are a number of different variables that can affect the maid service quotes that you receive.  By being aware of what these factors are, you can now look at each quote and determine what the end expense will actually be.  Also, by controlling some of these variables, you can minimize some of the expenses as well.