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How to Choose a Maid Service

When your life becomes too hectic for you to even find the time to clean your own home it may be time for you to think about finding a good maid service. With so many maid services available you may find it a bit perplexing as to which service you should choose. Choosing a maid service is a serious choice and should not be taken too lightly. After all these people come into your home and are often unattended so you want to be sure that you get the best quality of service and feel comfortable with who you hire.

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Like many other things in life price will of course dictate somewhat which maid service you choose, but it should not be the front running factor. Here are some factors to consider before hiring a maid service:

•    Reputation: Have you heard of them before? There are a number of maid services that seem to just ‘pop up' out of thin air these days and while some of them may in fact be great house cleaning philadelphia services, it is better to just go with a service that is established and has a good reputation. Ask your friends and co-workers and see if they have any recommendations for you to look at and then go from there. This is where our maid service directory comes in – be sure to check reviews here first.
•    Are they licensed and insured: Ah, one of the biggest factors that people seem to forget to consider, but probably the most important. Whichever maid service you decide to go with should be fully licensed and insured. First of all you don't want someone getting hurt at your residence and then find out they were working for an unlicensed and uninsured company because this scenario could leave you holding the bag when it comes time to pay for medical bills. Second, what if an employee of the maid service decides to take something from your home? Don't overlook this point to save a few bucks because that decision will more than likely come back and bite you in the rear.
•    Are they thorough: Get it in writing exactly what the services are that the company offers. Cover all the little things that you want to have done and make sure that the price you are quoted is all-inclusive so that you don't open your mail to find a bill that is much larger than you expected.
•    Price: Yes you will want to consider the price when it is all said and done. Often times through your searching you will find two, three, or more companies that all provide everything you want and this is the time to go by price. Make sure you get all your quotes in writing from the different companies and you can then go with the lowest bidder.

Above all else make sure that you check the maid service's work after the first time they clean your home. If they do a more than satisfactory job then you will of course want to hire them again. If not, then you will have to begin all over again to find a different cleaning service.