Maid Service Software Reviews

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Choosing Maid Service Software

When choosing maid service software, there are a number of variables that need to be considered.  Of course you need to make sure that you can use the software without much problem and that it is reliable, but more importantly you need to make sure that it has all of the features that you require.  It doesn’t matter how easy the software is to use, if you it doesn’t do what you need.  Depending the size and complexity of your maid service, there are number of different features that you may or may not need.  Here is a quick look at some of the most important features to keep in mind when choosing maid service software.


In terms of sales, you will need to be able to accomplish a variety of things from one place.  Some of the most common features include on-site estimate reports, call center quoting, and the ability to actually create jobs once the quote has been finalized.  Without these features, there are two potential hazards that you will face.  First, you will end up still using excel for a bulk of your record keeping, which is probably one of the reasonings that you are choosing maid service software in the first place.  The second potential hazard is that you once you give and confirm a quote, the project won’t actually get assigned to complete it, which means that it will get lost in the shuffle, and you will likely lose the client.

Customer Management and Data Storage

Just as important as tracking sales is tracking your customers and managing their needs.  When choosing maid service software, there are a variety of different functions that can be a part of your software, so it is important to decide what you definitely need before making your decision.  Some of the most common features include things like: billing history, service locations, customer data, customer web access, customer satisfaction tracking, and document linking.  All of this makes it easier to manage everything from one central location.  Additionally, depending on which features you have, it can make a big impact on your overall data storage and organization strategy.

In House Management

The final group of features to consider fall under the umbrella of in house management.  This includes functions like internal/office task management, project management, staff management and much more.  This covers everything from tracking payroll data and creating schedules to organizing the dispatch board and work orders/route sheets.  For most companies, this is where the elite software will separate itself from the rest of the pack.  Tracking sales and managing customers could be done from an excel spreadsheet if necessary, but streamlining the in house management is something different.  This is because you not only need to keep everything centralized, but also interconnected.

When choosing maid service software, it is really easy to get caught up with the list of features and smaller bells and whistles, that you can lose perspective of the big picture.  It is imperative that you begin analyzing potential software options by looking at three big-picture functions: Sales (Tracking and Management), Customer Management (Data Storage), and In House Management.