Tips on Cleaning with Kids

Our homes tend to collect truly large amounts of dirt and dust as time goes by, so they are often in need of cleaning. This is usually an easy task that doesn’t require a lot of thinking, however we are often I need of preparations for it if we have kids. Children complicate things a little bit, but they can also be of help and could turn a boring and repetitive task into actual fun. The following tips will give you some basic guidelines on how you can do that:

  • Bringing Your Kids into the Equation

You can’t clean your home effectively while your kids are playing or running around so you should adapt to that. Make sure you approach the subject in a way that would make it seem like less of a chore and more of a thing you can do together.

  • Toddlers and Brooms

Toddlers can help you a little with your efforts and they could feel happy while doing it. You should still stick to tasks that suit their capability and make sure they’re having the most fun they can. This could mean something as simple as putting their toys back in order or trying to make their bed. As long as they feel useful you could slowly, but surely help them become more organized.

  • Keeping it Realistic

Moving forward with the age of kids you could do a bit better, especially with preschoolers. They can do a good job at cleaning up and organizing their rooms if you help them understand the need for it. You shouldn’t expect absolute perfection in what they do, so provide praise for their work and avoid being far too demanding.

  • Giving Specific Instructions

Stick to giving easy to follow, simple instructions that kids can follow one at a time and without difficulties. Cleaning up their room will be a good start and you could easily help them do that by having them focus on one task and not all at once. Once they get used to it in time they will start working toward it on their own.

  • Using Pictures

You could make a small set of drawings for toddlers as this could help them visualize what they can help with. Picture a figure placing toys inside boxes or bins and they will have a better understanding of what needs to be done.

  • Downsizing of Toys

It would be a lot faster for you and your kids if you have less clutter to deal with to begin with. Keep their toys in a manageable number and organized in bins. If the toys are starting to overflow in the bins, this may be a good time to consider what you could store away or donate. Explain the needs of those less fortunate to your kids and have them decide what they can leave to someone else.

  • Remember to Play

The main thing about cleaning and organizing in this case is making sure you’re actually having fun. Have things organized as a game or a competition between you and them. Let them win, be nice and enjoy their joy and pride when they do.

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