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Molly Maid has been in the residential cleaning service industry for more than 25, but a lot of people haven’t started hearing about them until recently.  They have expanded rapidly over the past decade with their franchising opportunities for local business owners.  Like all cleaning services they aren’t for everyone, however Molly Maid offers a few unique services that are not within the industry norm.  This has led to them standing out during a time where a lot of people are unhappy with the more well-known services.  Here is an in-depth review of Molly Maid to give you a better idea of what they have to offer.

What Makes Molly Maid Unique?

There are three things in particular that helps Molly Maid stand out from many other residential cleaning services.  The first is their 24 hour guarantee  If you get your home cleaned by them and are not satisfied with what they did, you can call within 24 hours of your cleaning and request that they come back.  The best part is that the return visit is completely free.  This is why Molly Maid seems to have a better customer retention rate than many other popular services.

The second thing that Molly Maid uses to stand out is their green cleaning practices.  There are a lot of services that offer this now, but Molly Maid seems to go a step farther.  Along with using completely green cleaning products that do not contain any ingredients that will deplete the ozone or are flammable, which can irritate your skin, they also use other green business practices.  For example, they use highly concentrated cleaners so that they use less product overall.  Plus, they use recyclable packaging.  They are one of the few residential cleaning services that haven’t been accused of “green washing”.  Green washing is when a company does something very minor, like recycle the bottle of a particular cleaning product and call itself green – even though the contents of the bottle are not eco-friendly.

The third facet that stood out during the review of Molly Maid is their Ms. Molly Foundation.  This foundation works supports education and fundholding events for local safe houses and shelters for victims of domestic violence.  They also team up with the National Violence Awareness month campaigns to donate funds and services to the local community.

The Molly Maid Consultation

Before they show to clean your home the first time, they offer a free in-home consultation to learn more about what type of services you want and what your expectations are.  This also gives you a chance to give them any special instructions that they may need.  This helps them create a plan that fits within your budget and still provide you with the services you need.  Plus, they don’t require any type of contract so you can cancel or alter your services at any time, for any reason.

Review of Molly Maid

Overall, Molly Maid appears to be a very solid choice as a residential cleaning service.  They have several characteristics that help them stand out from the rest of the industry, especially the Ms. Molly Foundation.  Plus, their 24 hour guarantee ensures that you will get exactly what you want every time.

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