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If you have been look for a review of Merry Maids online, then you might be wondering around a little bit confused.  As with most companies, there are a wide range of reviews online spanning from “the best service ever” to “don’t even think about it”.  The reason for this is fairly simple – franchising.  Since almost every location has a different franchise owner, the overall experience can be somewhat different.  This means that you should pay special attention to any reviews that are specific to the location that you will be using.  At the same time, this review of Merry Maids will let you know exactly what they offer and give you an idea of whether or not they would be a good fit for your needs.

Prices Are Completely Individualized

The most important thing to keep in mind with Merry Maids is that they don’t offer standard packages.  They individualize everything based upon a variety of factors such as the size of your home, whether or not you have pets, and a number of other factors.  This means that in order to get a quote, you are going to have to meet them in person.  In order to get this set up, you can visit the Merry Maids website and fill out a quick request form.

It is also important to keep in mind that the more often you use their service, the lower your average rate will be.  For example, if you sign up for the weekly cleaning, it will be less expensive than the bi-weekly cleaning.  This is because the more often they clean your home, the faster they will be able to do it.  Additionally, it important to remember that the quote will likely be a fairly large range of potential costs.  In some cases, you will pay more than the original quote and other times you could end up paying less.

What is a Typical Merry Maids Visit include?

While they do customize their services based upon your specific directions, they also have a “normal visit” which includes a combination of services.  In every room they will provide the services you expect like dusting, vacuuming, washing floors, etc.  They also provide a deep kitchen and bathroom cleaning as well.

They also have a few specialized services that you may want to take advantage of once in a while.  These are not every-week services, but rather a more specific set of options.  For example, once a month or every other month, you could get your oven or refrigerator cleaned.  They even offer full-service window washing.

Overall, Merry Maids seems to have a strong track record of customer satisfaction  They have been around since 1979 and joined the ServiceMaster Family.  They have also become the largest home cleaning franchise in the entire world with more than 600 locations in North America.  They also average 300,000+ home cleanings a month.  Make sure that you when you request a quote on their website, you also take a look at customer feedback for your specific location.

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