Cleaning Your Closet

There are several ways in which you can make your closet look like a better and a neater place. You could try to fill in the free shelf spaces as much as you can so that you can put inside more and more sets of clothing. The purpose of a closet is to store things inside and the more you do so the more practical this particular set of furniture will be. Make the best out of your door. You can place there spaces to hang your belts and ties for instance. It is also a perfect place for you to hang a mirror so you can see how the clothes suit you. Improvise and try to place gently as much pieces of clothing inside as possible. However be careful not to overstuff the closet so that after a while it becomes practical to use. Remember that you can still put bags inside and you can put there your things if there is no other place for them to be put. The closet is a great place to hide stuff, for instance your secret savings or your most beloved possessions. Hide them amongst the clothes. As far as it goes for the possession about while you couldn‘t find a free space just place them upon the clothes themselves or in some free shelf if there is one.

Naturally, order your clothing by the type. Shoes go with shoes. Place all the shirts on one place and all the jeans on another and so on. It is very appropriate to arrange all the clothes you have according to the season and to put those for the current season at the most reachable place.

Don‘t forget that in time you might not need some particular clothes and you can either sell those for second hand or just give them away. Regardless of what you choose to do, it is better for your closet to remove them in order not to fill any otherwise usable space. After every time you take something out rearrange your clothes and your entire closet so that you can start forming a free space where you will be putting all the new clothes you buy. Make sure to always find time to recheck the clothes which you think that won‘t be of anymore use to you. Don‘t get attached to clothes. Think over it like this: every piece of clothing had its time with you and now its time for it to go.

Be careful with the levels of humidity. If it reaches your closet your clothes might get damaged and their color might even grow a little more yellowish which of course you wouldn‘t like especially with clothes that have paler colors. Always place some sort of a light in your closet and whenever the weather outside is wet turn it on from time to time. When you do this try to avoid high-voltage bulbs because quite a terrible accident might happen if something is set ablaze.

Spray the closet all the time to prevent any germs from damaging the clothes. Use good wooden hangers because those made of wires bruise the clothes and even slightly deform them. Take care of your shoes. Try to wipe them out and even polish them at least once per season. Try to change the shoes you go out with every day if you want them to last longer.

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