How to Clean a Toilet

Cleaning the toilet is considered by most people one of the most disgusting house chores. Despite the task’s reputation, there is a straightforward way of cleaning a toilet, which will prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria and it will remove the bad odors without taking too much of your time. The right way to clean a toilet is neither tiring, nor time-consuming, so get your supplies ready and you will get it over with in 10 to 20 minutes. Here is what you need to do.

Clear out around the toilet and remove everything. When you use a toilet cleaner it’s best not to spray on the areas around the toilet. Flush the water when the lid is down and add the cleaning solution to the bowl – gel, liquid or powdered cleanser. Apply the cleaning solution close to the toilet rim so that the cleanser doesn’t get diluted. Leave the cleaning solution to soak into the grime and the stains. Follow the time mentioned on the bottle’s instructions. In the meantime, clean the toilet’s exterior. Work from the top all the way down with a clean cloth and an all-purpose cleaner or a special toilet cleanser. Spray the handle, the tank and the edges and wipe down to the very bottom edges. After that clean the toilet seat carefully.

If you use too much product and you don’t scrub well you will leave stains of drops on it. Raise the seat and spray it, then wipe it down and apply some pressure. Clean the entire area and dry it out with a soft towel. By that time the product inside the toilet bowl should have stayed for enough time, so it’s time to clean it. Start scrubbing under the rim and check to see if you’ve cleaned all stains. Scrub the bowl and the bottom area of the toilet. Put the lid down and flush the toilet. If there are any spills or drips from water, wipe them up, remove all trash from the toilet and put the products back on their places. You can use an air freshener to keep the bad odors away.

While cleaning the toilet it’s advisable to use gloves and prevent any contact of the products with your hands. Some people even use glasses or goggles if they start spraying with a cleanser. When you want to prevent splattering always flush the water with the lid down on the toilet. Scrubbing the toilet has its rules too. The most important one is not to use a sponge as they breed lots of bacteria and this way you will only be spreading it further. Make use of paper towels or reusable cloths which you should wash with bleach and hot water straight after using them.

Don’t mix various cleaning products, especially commercial ones. This won’t give you the best results, but it is actually hazardous. Since the toilet is an enclosed area you need to make sure you have enough ventilation so keep the door wide open. Here is a list of the things you need for cleaning the toilet:

•    gloves and goggles (goggles are optional, but highly recommended)
•    a good toilet brush
•    a good toilet cleanser for inside the bowl
•    an all-purpose cleanser or spray for the outside of the toilet
•    cloths or paper towels
•    baking soda (optional)
•    old toothbrush for reaching the corners
•    air freshener

Follow these easy steps and you will have a sparkling clean toilet in no time.

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