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9829 45 Ave.
EdmontonĀ AB

Cleaning houses for 8 years

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  • R says:

    Able Maids did an average job in my home. Surfaced cleaned everything but did not clean in detail. Decorative glass and mirrors were not cleaned, baseboards were not wiped, bathroom vanity cupboards were missed, shelves in coffee table and all window ledges were missed. The surfaces that were wiped still had debris as they never rinsed the cloth they used, just sprayed a surface and then wiped with the same cloth over and over again. Chrome taps were wiped but not shined. Cleaning supplied we watered down and they didn’t even have toilet bowl cleaner! These poor girls had to carry the old cut up towels they used in a garbage bag and the oldest unclean buckets I have ever seen. The cleaners were very nice women but I imagine they were not trained to clean in pristine detail. The gentlemen that took my call when I scheduled for cleaning just told me how terrible every other cleaning company was and why. The only reason I still used the service was because I am recruiting staff for my cleaning business!


  • Disappointed says:

    BEYOND WORST COMPANY EVER My husband and I cannot explain how disappointed and disgusted we are with this company and the “service” they provide. The two maids showed up without any cleaning supplies except a bottle of oil from dollarama and a very old poor quality vacuum with cut up T-shirts for rags. They showed up over an hour early, and did not even introduce themselves just walked right in and dumped their garbage bags of rags and drug the dirty vacuum in. We were quoted 2.25 hours for the service at a certain price, we had told the owner the exact square footage and how much hardwood/carpet/bedrooms/bathrooms everything there was in the house prior. after 2.5 hours I checked to see progress, they were not even done half of the upstairs and were moving very slow. At this point we cancelled the service for the basement and just asked for the upstairs to be done. Nothing was clean at the end, dust was just smudged and pushed around, the floors had dust and foot prints and actual piles they swept up but did not throw away. All of our picture frames that they did clean, had dust and smears all over them as if the oil they brought was used on the entire house. They were suppose to bring all of their own cleaning supplies, but ended up using all of ours, 2 whole rolls of paper towels, half a bottle of our windex, our stove cleaner, our lysol. Our floor wiper. When they first came in they wanted to “borrow my swiffer” well we don’t use a swiffer so then they were very upset to hear that I actually hoped they would “clean” my floors like the description on the website said they would. none the less, nothing was as described, house looks no better then before they came, bill was twice as much, and when we called to try and civilly speak to the owner he called us liars, he was one of the most immature unprofessional and ignorant people we have ever dealt with. Do not use this service.


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