Avenida Cleaning Service

Avenida Cleaning Service reviewsAvenida Cleaning Service

Avenida Cleaning Service
249 S 78th St.
Tampa, FL
(813) 465-1442
This company offers basic housecleaning services. You get the direct line to the owner of the company. She also trains every member of the team. Licensed, insured, and bonded. Also offers military discounts.

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  • Leehster. says:

    Purchased a half off deal from Living Social for Avenida Cleaning Service and was looking forward to a Spring Cleaning boost and this was also a birthday gift for my wife. She called for over a week and finally got a callback that they had over 200 responses and were too overbooked to fulfill their commitments. I was further instructed to call Living Social to get a refund, which thank goodness at least they were reputable and committed to customer service. All I can say is that you have to go with a Molly Maid or National company because these local companies get a little burst of business and they can’t quite handle the volume and they’ll let you down without missing a beat. But when this little burst clears up and business slows again, watch out for Avenida Cleaning Service cause they’ll overbook like a cheap airline on Thanksgiving and expect that a half-hearted “Sorry Excuse” makes up for everything.


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