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They specialize in cleaning houses, apartment units, condominiums, shopping malls, office spaces and medical clinics.

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  • Heather says:

    Basically I ordered cleaning service for my terminally ill mother who had cancer on a Friday, I ordered her a 3 month package and provided her information name and number and told them to contact her to set up times and services required and I would take care of the bill. Well needless to say she was found dead the following Wednesday in her residence with presumption from the medical examiner that she had passed on the Monday. So they hadn’t even made contact with her! Now they refuse to refund the funds for the cleaning to the tune of 474.60 – they are telling me that they have a “No Refund policy”

    Anyways, would really like to warn others of this company needless to say I get a “manager” but he has been no help and put the charge through regardless! The young chap that answers in the call centre for “Canada Maid Service” wont provide a higher up other than the “manager” Brad who supposedly is in Calgary but is in and out of the office and Jeff (whom I spoke with who was in Calgary, then changed to Toronto call centre in one phone call) hasn’t seen Brad today?!

    The whole operation sounds awfully fishy! I even offered to send them a copy of the death certificate to show that it was a legitimate death! I hired Calgary Maid Service, was billed from Canada Maid Service now I am reaching a toronto call centre!


  • Rachel says:

    I worked for the company Calgary Maid Service which is the same company as Canada Maid Service. None of the managers actually live in Calgary and the whole operation is run out of Toronto. I actually only met Brad the manager one time. I would not recommend this company. They do not treat their staff very well and provide them with no incentives to clean properly. They were very unorganized scheduling me cleaning which in-turn made the customers complain. Many customers would complain to me the poor service of the customer service, scheduling, and other maids cleaning their homes. I did not enjoy working for a company like this but fortunately for me I gained the respect of some of their customers and started my own company Calgary Maid Easy.


  • Penny says:

    Calgary Maid Service DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY
    This company treats there employees and customers terribly. They take your money up front, do not have any standards for cleaning, have no service centre in Calgary and refuse to give the service you have paid for. They make you buy a package because they know that if you use this service once you would never return. I photographed the poor cleaning done, phoned the company about the service and they offerred me an extra hour of cleaning. I had paid for a three hours of cleaning. They refuse to give me any of my money back and now have $588 for about 3 hours of very shoddy work. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!


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