The Picky Maid

The Picky Maid reviewsThe Picky Maid
401 Congress Ave
Austin  TX 78701
(512) 264-4490

They use eco-friendly products. They offer University of Texas students a discount.

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2 Responses to “The Picky Maid”
  • E. says:

    I worked for Picky Maid for almost a week.
    I felt I should warn people how they don’t do background checks, at least on people they “train”. During my week, I’ve been to almost a dozen houses, very wealthy homes, yet I never filled out any paperwork. They never asked for my Social Security or driver’s license number. After I quit, I realized they didn’t even know my last name.

    I hope my waste of time can do some good for someone here. Protect your home and go for a more trusted company.


  • Matt says:

    Worst maid experience ever. Their 24-year-old maid wanted to get in and out of my condo as soon as she could because it was her birthday. Every 15 minutes, she would run outside to talk on her cellphone about her birthday with friends and family.

    She did a terrible, rushed job, leaving behind loads of dust on my floor and mildew in my shower. I explicitly asked on the phone that they pay close attention to the shower. They use “eco-friendly” cleaning products that can’t clean mildew very well, so they asked if I could supply my own Tilex, which I did. Evidently, you’ve also got to supply your own elbow grease when hiring The Picky Maid.

    Worst of all, this maid knocked my shower handle off, put it back in the wrong position, and “over-torqued” it, according to my plumber. This broke the valve inside the wall. Luckily, my plumber was able to repair the valve for $150.00 without having to order a replacement from Italy.

    Unfortunately, the plumber had to cut a large hole in my drywall–on the other side of the bathroom–to repair the valve. I told The Picky Maid that I would agree to repair the drywall myself to keep the cost down, but only if they reimbursed me for the $150 plumbing bill in a timely fashion.

    They refused to pay and called me a liar. Do yourself a favor and find a better cleaning service.


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